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Our Approach

I am a small business owner and aspire to make a big impact. My business creates a niche and specializes in the smaller jobs that the "big guys" are either busy or too worried about their bottom line to tackle. As a result, every project I take is a priority, with the same attention to detail, no matter the project budget.  Working with the highest quality product, I seek out the best suppliers and employ contractors that are top in their field. Utilizing the best options at hand insures the final result is one of quality, affordability, and adds value to your home. Above all, I will commit and provide professional, high-quality handyman services. No matter the size of the project, I always strive to exceed customer expectations.

Our Approach

"They were polite, communicated well, arrived on time, showed care and offered ideas for my project. Their work site was super clean and well organized. In terms of specific skills that they did well, they did an awesome job installing cabinets, light fixtures and mirrors."


Our Story

"Darren goes above and beyond for all of his clients. He comes with every supply imaginable and is ALWAYS prepared for any given task. Darren never leaves a task unfinished and knows how to construct just about anything. Fun fact - he can construct all Ikea furniture without instructions (it's amazing). Darren is your "all around" handyman - he knows how to fix and construct just basically everything. He also put up my window shades, along with ALL of my artwork. I worked with Darren for several weekends this past Fall decorating and putting my new apartment together. I am so excited to work with him again this summer on my closet project. Once that project is complete, I'll be able to call my apartment perfect, all thanks to Darren."


About Me

Hello! Please call me Darren. I am the sole proprietor of Darren Fuentes Handyman Services. I dedicate my time to assist home owners restore, remodel, and refresh any location of their home. Before starting my business, I was an operations manager. Afterwards, I freelanced for TaskRabbit, attaining elite status. After success with assisting homeowners and small business owners execute their projects... I decided to expand and open my home improvement contractor business. I am handy from my father who taught me the basics. Earlier, in the years my father and I collaborated on adding onto an existing structure. The nursery for my daughter is an example. Next, a pergola in a backyard, and transforming the bathroom at my mother's house. My experience and the skills I learned in school has contributed to my continued success. As a result, I started my company... The rest is history!
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Darren Fuentes


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Please feel to reach out to us with questions regarding your next project, we look forward to hearing from you!